Early cassette releases What The Hell Is That?! (1987) and POP! (1988) are now available for free digital download at Ray Carmen Bandcamp.  CD-R copies of both releases with artwork and lyric sheet are available for $5.00 each ppd.  Overseas orders, add $5.00 to your order.
Buy the Nothing Personal Fun Pack!:  contains the 1991 Emigre CD release Nothing Personal and the 1990 7″ ep Radio Friendly (which contains four songs from Nothing Personal) for $8.00 ppd.  Overseas orders add $5.00.  About 25 left out of a 300 copy pressing of the 7″ vinyl ep.  Comes in black, red or green vinyl.
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Ray Carmen has been writing and recording one man band home-made bubblegum art pop since 1986. He is currently the drummer for The Chants and rhythm guitarist for Librarians With Hickeys.  He also has two recording projects with Jim Weiser: abandoned playground (Ray’s instrumental/ambient/experimental music), and Weeping Barista (Jim’s alt-country-folk songs).  He also likes to refer to himself in the third person on this website.

If you like McCartney and McCartney II, or if you’re a fan of the anything-goes approach of underground one man band legend R. Stevie Moore (who Ray has collaborated with), you might like what Ray does.  Then again, maybe you won’t.

If you wanna find out, you can download a free ten-song best of called Provocative Repercussions, as well as other releases here.

You can also download a free six-song ep from Obscurity Knocks: Twenty Years Of Sweating Over A Hot Four Track, 1986-2006 here.