UPCOMING GIGS:  LIBRARIANS WITH HICKEYS (Mike Crooker, lead guitar, vocal; Ray Carmen, rhythm guitar, vocal; Andrew Wilco, bass; Rob Crossley, drums) will be playing the ELLET BRANCH LIBRARY Summer Concert Series on Saturday, June 23rd, 2018, from 1-2 PM.  The library is located at 2470 E. Market St., Akron, OH 44312 (330-784-2019).  Admission is free, so c’mon out!  We’ll be playing our patented* mix of alternative rock originals and weird Pink Floyd and Bob Dylan covers…
THE CHANTS (Rob Branz, guitar, vocal; Steve Bennett, bass, backing vocal; Ray Carmen, drums, backing vocal) will be performing at the NORTON BRANCH LIBRARY (3930 South Cleveland-Massillon Rd., Norton, OH 44203; 330-825-7800) on Wednesday, May 30th, 2018, from 6:30-7:15 PM.  Admission is free!  We’ll be playing Rob’s great original tunes and some pretty cool covers (Badfinger, The Who, others)!  C’mon out, it’ll be a lot of fun!
AVAILABLE NOW for FREE download at RAY CARMEN BANDCAMPRay Carmen’s RecordiogramCorrect Me If I’m WrongSorry I’m Late, What The Hell Is That?!, POP!, Duet Yourself, Bubblegum Buddha, Too Old For Angst, Old School Old Fool, and the abandoned playground Christmas single, christmas at home, 1954. 
Coming in 2018: new solo cd release Provocative Repercussions:  a physical cd release, with a different track listing from the formerly available free download version.  It will be a best-of collection featuring mostly songs recorded over the years in real studios, as opposed to my house, although a few tracks will originate from my home studio.  It will probably have twelve songs.  Some songs will be remixed and remastered, and some will also have new vocal tracks.  Also coming sometime in 2018: a new abandoned playground release, distance to empty.
Buy the Nothing Personal Fun Pack!:  contains the 1991 Emigre CD release Nothing Personal and the 1990 7″ ep Radio Friendly (which contains four songs from Nothing Personal) for $8.00 ppd.  Overseas orders add $5.00.  About 25 left out of a 300 copy pressing of the 7″ vinyl ep.  Comes in black, red or green vinyl.
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*not really.