Ray Carmen has been writing and recording one man band home-made bubblegum art pop since 1986. He is currently the drummer for The Chants and rhythm guitarist for Librarians With Hickeys.  He also has two recording projects with Jim Weiser: The Ghost Lilies (Ray’s instrumental/ambient/experimental music, formerly called abandoned playground), and Weeping Barista (Jim’s alt-country-folk songs).  In the past, he has played drums for Kent, Ohio’s Witch Hazel (their 1995 debut cd, Landlocked, is considered an underground indie-pop classic), The King Dapper Combo, and The Graveyard Rockers.  He also likes to refer to himself in the third person on this website.

If you like McCartney and McCartney II, or if you’re a fan of the anything-goes approach of underground one man band indie-pop legend R. Stevie Moore (who Ray has collaborated with), you might like what Ray does.  Then again, maybe you won’t.

If you wanna find out, you can download a free six-song ep from Obscurity Knocks: Twenty Years Of Sweating Over A Hot Four Track, 1986-2006 here.