RCM-1 RAY CARMEN – Obscurity Knocks: Twenty Years Of Sweating Over A Hot Four-Track, 1986-2006  (two cd-r discs)  $8.00

RCM-2 RAY CARMEN – What The Hell Is That?! (2017 remaster)  FREE digital download of the 1987 cassette release here.

RCM-3 RAY CARMEN – Pop!  FREE  digital download of the 1988 cassette release here.

RCM-4 RAY CARMEN – Duet Yourself  FREE digital download of the 1990 cassette release here.

RCM-5 RAY CARMEN – Bubblegum Buddha  FREE digital download of the 1993 cassette release here.

RCM-6 RAY CARMEN – Sorry I’m Late  FREE digital download here.

RCM-7 RAY CARMEN – Too Old For Angst  FREE digital download of the 1997 cassette release here.

RCM-8  RAY CARMEN – Old School Old Fool  FREE  digital download of the 2006 release here.

RCM-9 RAY CARMEN – Correct Me If I’m Wrong FREE digital download of the 1999 cassette release here.

RCM-10 RAY CARMEN – Ray Carmen’s Recordiogram  FREE digital download of the 2013 release here.

RCM-11 RAY CARMEN AND R. STEVIE MOORE – Big Mistake  FREE digital download of the 2004 release here.

RCM-12 RAY CARMEN AND KEN CLINGER – Hopes And Fears  FREE digital download of the 1995 cassette release here.

RCM-13 THE GHOST LILIES – ghosts on film ep  FREE digital download of the 2015 online release here.

RCM-14 THE GHOST LILIES – Slow Wave  FREE digital download here.


CAP-57 THE GHOST LILIES (formerly abandoned playground) – the trouble with angels CD  $8.00


Buy the 1991 Emigre CD release Nothing Personal and the 1990 GGE Records 7″ ep Radio Friendly (which contains four songs from Nothing Personal).  About 25 left out of a 300 copy pressing of the 7″ vinyl ep. Comes in black, red or green vinyl.   $8.00


RAY CARMEN (solo, group projects and collaborations) on BANDCAMP – go here.
RAY CARMEN – Antenna Farm ep – go here.


All prices given are postage paid. Make checks or money orders payable to RAY CARMEN (NOT Ray Carmen Music). Send orders to Ray Carmen, 2996 Upham Dr., Akron OH, 44319. If you must send cash, COVER IT WELL–I can’t be responsible for money lost in the mail. Allow a couple of weeks, blah blah blah…OVERSEAS ORDERS PLEASE ADD $5.00 TO YOUR TOTAL.

I DO ACCEPT TRADES!  If you would like to trade your own original music for something of mine, feel free to drop me an email at Thanks! – Ray